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About us

Time is a succession of moments.
The days seemed to flow all the same, none for which it was worth keeping a memory. The succession of moments created a chain and it was as if I felt trapped, everything was repeated without any change, and it made me unable to express myself and realize myself. I know it's a common condition, that many have experienced this feeling. But we are in a time when you can break the patterns, break the conditioning to get back on your way. So one day I did, I made a decision and promised myself that I would value my time. Every single moment. The change was not immediate, but everything aligned differently and life began to flow again, day after day, with new color.
Now my time is the present, every moment.
Mazzitelli watches 1981
Life has started flowing again, free. I let myself go to the expression and realization of my desires and Mazzitelli was born 1981. At the right time, when everything was ready to take shape.
It could only be the shape of a watch, an accessory in which time flows with elegance, precision and clarity.
Any watch is accurate at least twice a day. The Mazzitelli 1981 models are exact on any occasion.
The essential and casual chic lines represent a new conception of time, a universal unit of measure always in step with innovation and style.
I personally thought about the image I wanted to build for a dynamic and refined accessory. Each model is a message, a sign, an indication that leads on the right path to feel free. Every gesture has meaning, and now is the time to make one. Remember, it only takes a moment to change direction, and go wherever you want. It happened to me, I hope it happens to you too.
The models
The models of mazzitelli 1981 watches are made to be worn by everyone, but the wearer is making a choice of style: innovation and an open mind. He is speaking a new language made of materials that communicate deeply and appear to the eyes with prestige.
When I first saw them I recognized them right away, it was my desires that took shape. They have become a reality, in the present, now and will always continue to unleash a solid and lasting energy.
The Milanese knit strap recalls the tenacity of the most durable materials. Its quality remains as unchanged as any sincere promise. The neo-vintage and casual chic that distinguishes the appearance and
adapts with harmony to every occurrence and any outfit. The classic and at the same time original colors reinforce the personal expression of each individual.
Made with the best materials – water resistant, scratch-resistant and impact resistant – the models will let themselves be worn in every context, leaving an unchanged mark on their ability to make a difference with simplicity.
Innovation, openness, unlimited expression. A simplicity of design to speak to the spirit of our days on any occasion, following the evolution of a style or a season.
Customer service and relationship
The brand is called Mazzitelli 1981, it bears my name and my year of birth. It is a sign of the importance for me of the identity of everyone, of any person who has the courage to make choices and be reborn. The courage to be present to himself, always.
My present is constantly evolving, and from the watches new ideas can emerge, tiles to build a larger and more complete design.
A design that encloses Mazzitelli 1981 and who chooses to be part of it, sharing a feeling of the background.
We are within the same frame, we are giving value to our time. For me communication is also important, it must be direct and clear, discreet and courteous. A fresh and immediate communication between those who believe in the power of choices.
Get in touch with me, because you're in the middle. You arrived on time in this present made of moments worth remembering.
Giuliano Mazzitelli